How satisfied are our customers?

In 2014, with Wigan Council, we surveyed a random sample of tenants and asked them how they felt about their home, their area and the housing services they receive.

Over 2,000 tenants responded and rated their satisfaction which has helped us to:

  • Understand how satisfied you are are with our services
  • Compare the findings with those of previous tenant satisfaction surveys
  • Compare our performance with that of other social housing providers
  • Identify areas for improvement.

Key results

  • Tenants tell us that 90% are satisfied with the overall service we provide, one of the highest levels of satisfaction among social housing landlords
  • 85% of tenants think that their rent is value for money
  • 83% of tenants are satisfied with the quality of their home
  • 81% say they are satisfied with the neighbourhood that they live in - this is a decrease from 84% in 2012, although satisfaction with some estates is much higher. We are looking into the reasons that some estates scored lower and have increased the funding for neighbourhood and environmental improvements
  • 73% are satisfied that their views are listened to and acted upon - an increase of 5% since 2012.

See the full results of how satisfied our tenants are.